Belinda Griffiths

Belinda Griffiths is a conceptual figurative artist based in Auckland. Belinda works within the disciplines of painting and printmaking and explores the expressive power of the gestural mark. When coupled with depictions of the human form, this push and pull between mark and form has the potential to dig deeper and communicate something of the human experience that becomes more authentic, more visceral.

Rob Garrett wrote of the sensual power of Belinda’s work (a potent sensuality) which at times undercuts and almost contradicts the works conceptual origins. Belinda’s intimate yet anonymous portraits are more than depictions of human form, they are satisfyingly complex works – which while poetic, are not overly romantic – inviting reflection on the human condition, as they progress and unfold in front of the viewer

Belinda has been selected as a Finalist for the Parkin Drawing Prize 2021. She was awarded the Morpeth Canaday Art Award in 2010 and the Estuary Art Award in 2013. Her work is held in a number of public, private and corporate collections in New Zealand and overseas, including a number of works in the Wallace Arts Trust (Auckland) and the Vernon Public Art Gallery (British Columbia).

Courtesy of Föenander Galleries.

Belinda will have works in one of the eight houses on the Tour.