Harry Moores

New Plymouth-based artist Harry Moores describes his work as a contemporary look at portraiture. His works taps into the equivocal nature of abstraction, fusing this with lucid representations and often unmistakable familiarity.

Harry’s interest in art started in high school, where he was taught by bronze artist, John Tullet. After leaving school, Moores and his brother set up an art studio called The Drawing Room where he began to create sketches that were instructed more by intuition than by volition.

Moores aims to find a meeting point between two opposites in his art, and, in the process allow the viewer to see/feel something that is not quite understood. He believes that the whole world is founded on dualistic principals, but likes to think there is a meeting point where both things can have a sense of correctness and not alienate and oppose.

Harry will have works in one of the eight houses on the Tour.