Justin Boroughs

Justin Boroughs studied painting at Elam School of Fine Arts and the University of Auckland from 1971 to 1975, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He has had 25 solo exhibitions and numerous group shows, and is represented by Artis Gallery in Parnell. Justin began teaching art in 1981 and has taught senior painting at Auckland Grammar School for over 30 years.

A highly renowned realist landscape painter, the landscapes Justin paints are recognisable, with a heightened use of intense colour, altering the effects of light, and manipulating the subject matter to create an amplified reality.

He possesses a deeply attuned eye for the regionalist dialogues of differing landscapes and buildings. His paintings resonate as much because of his exclusions as his inclusions; and in this way his work collectively establishes an idealised rhetoric and visual language. Nothing it seems is out of place, even when fiction.

Justin’s work is frequently likened to the artworks of the realist New Zealand painters Grahame Sydney and Sir Peter Siddell. His realist depiction of localised landscapes also link his work to the tradition of realism which was developed in New Zealand by artists such as Christopher Perkins and Rita Angus. Paintings by Boroughs are held in major public and corporate collections.

Justin will have works in one of the eight houses on the Tour.