Marinda Vandenheede

Marinda Vandenheede creates sculptural objects, works on paper and paintings that employ natural, used, and discarded materials.

Born in Belgium, Marinda’s works often contain a rough-edged, imperfect geometry combined with used paper and other repurposed surfaces – abstract, yet very much part of this world. Her objects border on the surreal as they repurpose recognisable worn and ageing items and worldly fragments.

Marinda’s practice embraces imperfection, atrophy, and stillness. It is a rejection of perfection, disconnectedness, and consumerism. “I use discarded, out-of-use things that no longer meet the exacting standards of our Western society, giving them a new life as works of art.”

Layers of time and narrative potential are embedded in her materials. She invites viewers to take a moment to be still and to take a deeper look.

Courtesy of Föenander Galleries.

Marinda will have works in one of the eight houses on the Tour.