William Milo

William Milo’s work documents a range of almost comical but honest everyday commentaries, from satirical personal observations to well-known phrases. When these phrases are placed on their own, they can reflect the compulsive habits of an eavesdropper shouting out loud.

The typical rendered texts are usually deadpan/sassy in their humour and reveal chance uttering like snippets of over-heard conversations or internal thoughts. Recurring themes pervade William’s storytelling, some with a view from a queer world reading and others from a critical art world. They reflect the frustration and pettiness of everything. Making flat compositions that take on the inconsequential, the bizarre, and the disquieting elements of everyday life. The frames that the work is finished in adds another layer and focus more on the ‘art practice’.

The frames are exemplary of William’s practice as the finished product is as important as the idea that feeds it.

William will have works in one of the eight houses on the Tour.