Student Art Exhibition

The 2024 Art House Tour includes the Student Art Exhibition, which is a key event for Auckland Grammar School. 

The Student Art Exhibition is special because it showcases new and aspiring artists. Local talent is emerging and becoming contributors to the creative arts legacy of Aotearoa New Zealand. These artists are current students of the School and are early in their careers.

As they continue in their creative endeavours, they will retain their link to the wider School community as Old Boys, and we hope will continue to contribute further works for the Art House Tour for years to come, delivering on the creative legacy that is woven throughout the School’s history.

You can follow their success and contribute to their journey’s as a creative in this country and watch them shape the future of Art both here in New Zealand and internationally. Auckland Grammar has had a tradition of famous artists, from C. F. Goldie 1883 to Max Gimblett ’50, Brad Novak ’89 and Max Malpass ’14.

A piece of work you purchase from a student at Auckland Grammar, could be worth a lot more in years to come! Help support the Art career of Auckland Grammar School students and support their early journey to becoming renowned in their own right.

The Student Art Exhibition will be held in the Old Boys’ Pavilion on Wednesday 20 November 6pm-8pm and will showcase the growing number of current senior students (those in Forms 5, 6 and 7) becoming emerging and developing artists. We look forward to seeing you there.